Crypto Base Scanner

March 4, 2019

Gear up for a more powerful trading venture with Crypto Base Scanner

Driving on the sometimes-smooth-and-often-rough roads of the crypto sphere has been a fun challenge for the CBS team. Every single day proved to be exciting as we see more traders appreciate the technological and strategical advantage of using our algorithms and the simplicity of our system for their trading venture.

Since the crypto world is revolving at an unprecedented speed, then we also need to change gears for a more powerful drive. Although we only have the brightest horizons on our vision, we do not intend to drive at a steady pace. We always want to be growing and moving faster.

For the past few months, our team has been extremely busy working on the back-end so that we can provide an all-new user interface that can give thousands of investors a more magnificent trading experience.

You may have known us to be Crypto Base Scanner – something that we will always be proud of for efficiently using the base strategy for helping crypto players – but soon you may be seeing an improved version of us.

The ride will surely be more thrilling and the destination even more gorgeous. For now, enjoy the sight of our base scanner, listen to the electrifying tune of our base alerts, and collect free coins from your profitable trades!

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