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July 13, 2019

From Crypto Base Scanner to altrady – Our Journey to Becoming Your Ultimate Trading Application

Hey, this is Benoist! I used to be a struggling digital currency trader but I now consider myself as a positive contributor to the crypto trading industry. I founded, an all-in-one trading platform that can help both budding and expert crypto traders in maximizing profits and minimizing risks associated with trading digital coins.

Indeed, the first few months of buying and selling coins on an exchange have been a true struggle for me. I used to manually analyze coin price movements and have sacrificed so much time understanding markets. Embarrassingly, this resulted in lost investments and wasted hours.

In my search for the best tools to simplify the process of trading, I was moved to utilize my own knowledge to create a software that can help anyone who is having difficulty in understanding sudden price changes and facing challenges in making the right trading decisions. Thankfully, I found a passionate team with a unified vision to make crypto trading easier, convenient, and more profitable to everyone regardless of their experience and knowledge in the industry.

In 2017, we launched the Crypto Base Scanner brand. This is an application that basically uses unique algorithms to automatically analyze coin markets under the framework of the base strategy. Since we have always retained the principle of shared success, we also managed to integrate community feedback into our company growth.

I am simply ecstatic to share with you that we have now grown from offering only cryptocurrency scanning solutions to being an all-in-one trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies, managing digital assets, and analyzing coin markets.

Yup, we are now! But worry not because we are still retaining the features that you loved from Crypto Base Scanner. Yes, CBS will still be your favorite crypto scanning tool but altrady will now be your ultimate trading application!

Will you love altrady the same way as CBS? Definitely! I am confident that you will love altrady even more than Crypto Base Scanner!

Are you ready to explore our adorable features and enjoy our promises? Here they are:

Convenience from an All-in-One Application

Do you believe in the trading advice by other professionals that you shall not put all your eggs in one basket? Then perhaps, you have considered scattering your digital assets across different coin markets and in multiple crypto exchanges.

Although this is a smart move, it can prove to be exhausting to be checking your trades in different applications and browsers. With altrady, you are given the privilege to experience a convenient trading venture.

As an all-in-one application, everything is already here! You can register your exchange API key to the altrady system and voila! You're all set to place buy and sells orders for your chosen exchange on the altrady interface, see the performance of your assets through the portfolio manager, and so much more without having to bother yourself of checking other software or app.

Smart Decision-Making from Informative Details

The cryptocurrency industry is a complicated world. Couple that with the extremely volatile changes in coin markets, and you could easily get lost in this venture. With so much FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and FOMO (fear of missing out), anyone can face the risk of making foolish decisions.

Thankfully, the altrady user interface can act like your go-to reference book. It contains the necessary information that you will need to make a successful trade.

Apart from having access to coin market charts at different intervals, you can also see more information regarding your chosen coin on the Base Info Tab of altrady. This provides you with details regarding the performance of a certain cryptocurrency on a particular exchange. It reflects the algorithmic analysis of the coin such as its detected bases, median price drops, median price bounces, and successful returns to the base.

What's also lovely with the altrady interface is the presence of our News widget. For some people, they view crypto trading as a mere guessing game. They buy and sell coins based on their gut feel. But our CBS community has never played the crypto game using mere guesses. We want to bring the same principle to the altrady community. We want you to always be informed of the most recent news in the blockchain and crypto industry so that you can act with the right knowledge.

Timely Trades with an Easily Accessible Application

We are indeed living in a very fast-paced world. Every second counts and every missed opportunity can be a regret of a lifetime. Although we don't want you to spend every second of your life in front of your screens trading crypto, we still want to give you the opportunity to access your altrady account anytime and anywhere using all the possible devices available.

The altrady application can be accessed through your browser, desktop, and even mobile. Having the mobile application is best for those who are subscribing to the advanced trading package where you can receive real-time base alerts every single time that your preferred coin has dropped a certain percentage from the support level. This gives you a chance to immediately grab profitable opportunities before it becomes too late.

Hassle-Free Trading with Bot Integrations

Currently, there are four trading bot providers that can be integrated into the altrady system – Zignaly, Crypto Hopper, 3commas, and Nefertiti. We are expecting to see an increase in the available integrations as we fully roll out the altrady application. For now, you can happily choose among these cool trading bots and integrate them to your altrady account.

Subscribing to a trading bot and connecting it to your altrady account can make your life as a crypto trader a lot easier. It significantly reduces the difficulty associated with having to constantly check on market movements and worrying about the timely placing of buy and sell orders.

For as long as you already have your own strategy and goals, then you can take advantage of trading automation. The algorithms of altrady will efficiently work on analyzing cryptocurrency markets and send the corresponding signals to your trading bot. Both altrady and your trading bot will harmoniously work together to act on your predetermined parameters and indicators. With this, you can sleep soundly without fearing of lost trading opportunities. Who wouldn't love earning crypto while sleeping, right?

More Enjoyable Trading with an Interactive & Personalized Interface

Wouldn't our minds work more clearly, creatively, and strategically when we want the environment that we are working in? We acknowledge the differences in our personalities and even the changing moods in our daily trading experience. Some people would want a bright dashboard while others thrive in a dark theme. Some users would want to focus on the general market movements such as the depth charts and volumes while others would also like to see the base performances. We have taken account these differences that's why we have transformed the CBS dashboard from having a fixed layout to being a dynamic interface that we have now with altrady.

Strategic Advantage with an Advanced Crypto Scanning Technology

altrady would not be here without Crypto Base Scanner. No matter how much we have grown as a business, we still take pride of our foundations. Not that we are only nostalgic about our experiences, struggles, and achievements; but it's because we know how our crypto scanning tool has helped hundreds of people in the crypto trading world to finally get their first profits and sustained gains.

When you get the advanced plan, you can enjoy full access to all the features of altrady. Though we have other packages available, I would like to encourage you to get the advanced plan because it is through our base scanning technology that you can have a strategic advantage over other traders across the globe.

Our Base Scanner uses unique algorithms to analyze markets real-time. It functions under the framework of the base strategy and in operation 24/7 without rest. This technology exceeds human capacity in the sense that it can efficiently track market movements no matter how volatile and complex they may be.

Users who are subscribed to altrady's advanced plan can receive real-time alerts every single time that their preferred coin drops to a certain percentage below the base. Subscribers can also harness the power of our fat finger scanner by modifying their Quick Scanner settings. This feature provides immediate alerts when the huge price drops suddenly happen. This is such a wonderful tool because it can provide big profits at such a short span of time.

The introduction of the altrady brand does not mean that we are stopping here. This only marks the start of another adventure for greater achievements in the crypto trading software industry.

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