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March 7, 2019

Ripple Stands Out Among Blockchain Firms, Considered One of the Best Employers in the Bay Area

The rise of Ripple and its further institutionalization are gradually being reckoned by some of the most credible names in the labor and company assessment industry. In the recent survey conducted by the Great Place To Work (GPTW) at the San Francisco Bay Area in 2019, Ripple has astoundingly risen to the ranks of other small and medium businesses operating in the area. It ranked #17 in the the category of Best Workplaces in Bay Area 2019 with 91% of employees affirming Ripple's characteristic workplace greatness.

Having Ripple recognized by GPTW speaks thousands of words in the future of blockchain acceptance and cryptocurrency systems development. Even though Ripple is the only company that operates in the digital currency and finance sphere that is enlisted in the rankings, the results are overwhelming considering the many challenges that the blockchain industry has experienced such as cryptocurrency bans in different areas of the globe, government regulations cryptocurrency creation, and pessimism on various digital coin transactions.

Ripple helps financial institutions process payments instantly on a global scale. It operates using the blockchain technology which helps in making sure that financial processes are done with end-to-end visibility, cost-efficiency, and reliability.

Good Place To Work follows stringent measures to maintain the accuracy, relevance, and credibility of their findings. For this year, it was reported that over 30,000 employees participated in the statistical study wherein they answered questions concerning their company's growth potentials, their career fulfillment, and the values shared by their leaders, among others.

Although the GPTW survey primarily points to the internal development of Ripple as a company, this will surely have a wave of good effects as more people trust the use of blockchain technology in cross-border payments and international financial transactions.

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